You are back! So are we!

Warning: Exciting news coming up. During the past year, we have received outstanding feedback from you guys! We cannot express how happy we are thanks to your hard work! Your input helped us shape the path and the roadmap for the upcoming weeks and months and we are super keen to share it with you here!

Changes, changes, changes

After the deep analysis of hundreds of your beta forms, we became confident to release the first version of Polydust for you as soon as possible. According to our first plan, the first platform is going to be iPad exclusively. The vast majority of our beta subscribers want to create models exactly on their Apple tablet. We understand how important mobility and ability to create anywhere is to you all, that’s why we want to focus 100% of our attention to this device first.

We updated our website: we presented the features we are planning for the 1.0 version. Please check out our Features page for more info. Many more are coming up in the next big updates!

We also needed to update the forum script. That meant we needed to wipe out the previous data which was… painful, we know. But the newest script is much cleaner, faster and easier to manage and attend every day. Come, see it and write something! We give our personal word to write back to you as soon as possible!

Also, the team has slightly changed: Andzelika (aka: Angelique) is no longer part of Polydust team.

Release, preorder and the final price

Apple allowed us to run the pre-order campaign with the discounted price. This means you will be able to buy Polydust before it is released at a discounted price! We will announce the date, price and open the pre-order very soon. Stay tuned for more info!

The BIG announcement

In a few weeks, we are going to announce a huge partner that is going to be with us. We are integrating a unique physical device you will be able to use with your iPad and Polydust. We really want to say more but hey! We don’t want to fill your head with too much stuff (yet)!

The beta, continued

Right, you hear it well! TestFlight is back! Existing beta testers can continue testing Polydust! We will be inviting next groups of beta testers in smaller chunks. Don’t worry! Your time will come! If you want to test it faster, write to us on Facebook or send us an email. We will see what we can do ;).

We are continuing to record videos and courses as our YouTube channel and Google Search became the #1 source of our followers. We will have some exciting news about it in the near future!

Wrapping up

We hope this was very energetic news for you all! We have so much more for the following weeks! For the past year, we have worked hard to prepare more exciting announcements for You.

We want to continue that, Artists.