Why Polydust?

I’m Piotr and I’m the troublemaker here at Polydust. For the past few weeks I was coming up with the idea for Polydust.

Why Polydust?
January the 1st 2016 I released Proud. http://useproud.com/ The iPhone app for productivity management. It became a big success gathering more than 120 000 users during first months. It wasn’t my first product, in fact, I made more than 50 apps before. But with Proud, the approach was different. I didn’t want to make yet another fast and quick app and bet if it’s gonna be a success. I took a long and difficult road of gathering a community, making lots of revisions, creating alpha and beta tests and then releasing the app.

After releasing Proud for Mac, I was looking for a next product to focus on. Yet having a very good productive tool for managing your time and not using it to create anything would be an obvious waste of potential :D.

But I made some mistakes when creating Proud. I will focus on two main: monetization and bad core programming. Proud was a one time purchase app where you paid $5 and could use the app forever with syncing between devices and everything. That seems like a great approach for the user. But it was disastrous for me, the developer. After some people buy your app, you have no way to get more money from these people. And you need money. Without money you won’t be able to afford sitting down to fixing bugs, making new features etc.

Fixing bugs was the second part of the problem. The app was written using very delicate approach where everything wasn’t extensively tested before moving on to the next feature. Yes, there were beta tests, but mostly they weren’t done well enough. And here, I thought about making our second product…


I prototyped 3 different projects and tested them internally and extensively for a few weeks. None of the projects had this “something” that I felt would be valuable for anyone who uses it right away. I knew I wasn’t there yet. I needed to come up with something much stronger and important…

Days passed and my head was totally empty. Then a crazy idea came to my mind. Let me think of a set of skills that I possess that none else in the world have right now and that will let us create something that none else could ever create.

Who am I?
– A visionary (I don’t like this word because it seems too broad and etheric in its nature, but usually I’m a guy who can produce lots of ideas and use his imagination and creativity in a targeted manner)
– iOS/MAC Programmer (Full time)
– UI/X Designer (Part time)
– 2D/3D Graphic Artist (10+ years experience)
– Web Programmer (Just for my use)
– Music composer (Part time)
– Photographer (Hobbyist)
– Game Designer (Part time)

Well, then I reminded myself that for more than 10 years I was modeling for Polish game companies. I also taught 3D Studio Max to architects here in Poland.
I tried to think about all the problems I had when I started to model in 3D. First of all, there weren’t too many tutorials back then. Two: the learning curve for the programs I could use was very, very long. Three: I was almost never able to create a good looking result from models I created. Four: I needed to use Pendrive to backup and sync my projects and could lose my work easily – in fact I lost two weeks of my work and could find only a week-old backup, so I lost like a week of work. I also remember being in train or bus when I traveled to my workplace between the city I lived in and the city I worked. This was a lot of time that I could use to catch-up with my modeling hours.

I thought that I might have a very distinctive opportunity to come up with
– a professional program for modeling in 3d for regular people that doesn’t cost $1000 (my iOS programming skills)
– that is mobile (my lost time in train problem)
– that is very easy to learn (my teaching experience)
– that is very easy to use (my UI/X skills)
– that is built for model artists (my 3D Graphic Artist skills)
– that has a cloud service that backups and syncs your work (my lost days of work problem)
– that has a website and forum (my web programming skills)

Wow, I thought: this is it! I chose iPad for the first platform. I have a very huge experience working with this device and Apple recently released the “Pro” iPads. The thing about mobile platforms is that the UI needs to be very minimalistic. None wants to open a program and see tons of buttons, tons of text and be lost in the whole process. I thought that’s a perfect place to introduce a minimalistic, yet easy to learn interface for 3d modeling.