We did it! Multiplatform Polydust Cloud!

Leo Tolstoy said once: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

This has been one of the longest breaks with news for you. We hope you haven’t yet got used to it! Long breaks in information don’t mean we have nothing to add. It’s actually quite the opposite! During the last 6 weeks we were very patiently developing the complete feature set for the Polydust release. Because every feature is now completed, we can finally say we are moving from alpha to beta! Also, we are ready to give you  Polydust for brand new platforms! And 🙂 Polydust Cloud is ready! Your works can be seamlessly synced between all your devices! Maybe not with Smartwatches ;).

Polydust Cloud

One of the coolest features we were able to complete is a complete cloud solution for your 3D models and scenes. You can start a model on your iPad, iPhone or Android and finish it up on your Mac, Windows (or Linux). The sync process is seamless. You can sync unlimited projects in the beta. They become backed up by our cloud instantly you save them so if you lose your device and log in to your account on another one, you will have all your scenes and models. Of course we don’t recommend you losing your devices ;).

New effects

One of the main goals with Polydust is to enable you with creating scenes that look beautiful. Today we are adding the reflection effect, shadow effects and more parameters to already existing effects. You can see a screenshot below that presents some of those improvements!

.OBJ and .STL support

Yeah! They are finally ready. You can export your models to popular engines such as Unity 3D, Unreal Engine and many others. OBJ format is a universal standard that is supported by almost every 3D modeling software and game engine.

From now on you can also export your models to the 3D printing format called STL. Both Ascii and Binary file types are supported. Now you will be able not only to model your beautiful models but also print them on any 3D printing device!

One important note here: in order to test the export capabilities, you must buy the Pro subscription.  Thanks to your huge contribution in beta, Polydust’s basic will be free! You can support it by buying the Pro subscription plan that allows you to export models. There is a limited 50% discount during beta testing so please take it as fast as possible!

Other new features.

We added the pivot changing capabilities. This feature is very important if you want to prepare the models for export. That way the center of the object can be on the bottom of the model so that for example scaling will make your model bigger going up and the bottom of the model will stay in the same position.

New platforms beta

For the past few months hundreds of people signed up for Polydust beta. We want to continue this and so we are opening next platforms for testing. The order of platforms will get announced later on and probably in the beginning just a few beta-testers will get access to them. We will give access to more people gradually. Which platforms are going to be supported? From mobile standpoint we are adding the Android support. For desktop: we redesigned the whole navigation experience allowing to model on any Mac, Windows and/or Linux.

What’s next?

We want to fix all the bugs that we have in our current build, improve the interface and possibly add a few small modeling capabilities before launching. We still don’t want to announce the launch date because it’s going to depend on the bug fixing rate through your precious support! We hope that it’s really possible we should be ready for September/October 2017! Of course will be continuing creating short tutorial movies on our Youtube channel. A new video every Monday!

A note for the beta testers and backward compatibility

Please remove the old version of Polydust. If you try to install the new build, it might not work. That means that sadly you will lose your current progress but from now on we will be supporting the full-backward compatibility.

We’ve just fixed the Beta Forum posting bug. You should be able to post again!

Come and join testing!

If you want to become the Polydust beta tester, first you have to fill out the beta form. Please pay careful attention to each question as we need to choose the initial group carefully. If we happen to choose you, we will send you an email invitation and give access to the beta testing forum where you will be able to talk with other beta testers as well as send us info about bugs and/or any feature requests.