Public Alpha is coming!

Hello again!

It has been another long break since we wrote. It was the most intensive work month we had have ever had with Polydust! The great news is that we are ready to open our software to external testers. In fact, we already chose the first alpha tester whom we sent our software.

Until now, we had over 100 internal app builds tested by our internal team. Every new build gave us more and more possibilities to model and showcase our creations. We redesigned many small pieces of our interface to make sure it works just as you would expect it to work. There were versions that almost exploded our testing devices causing them to restart or become very hot. We tackled all that and we are now confident that Polydust will be an irreplaceable 3D modeling tool for your mobile devices. We love using it and can’t wait to pass it onto your hands!

A new website

The next big change is the website: it got a total overhaul. We added new sections like: Learn and special Beta page where you can access the beta form. We also updated the Features and Front page adding our mission statement: make 3D modeling accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.02.40 PM
Features page

We recorded a short movie showing people who use Polydust on an actual touch device. We also recorded a few other movies demonstrating 3d modeling workflow. You can access them in the Learn section.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.09.27 PM
Modelers using Polydust

How to become an alpha tester?

If you want to become the Polydust alpha tester, first you have to fill out the beta form. To avoid the future confusion, Polydust is in Alpha stage now. Many people though aren’t familiar with this term, so we might use ‘beta’ in place of ‘alpha’. Please pay careful attention to each question as we need to choose the initial group carefully. If we happen to choose you, we will send you an email invitation and give access to the alpha testing forum where you will be able to talk with other alpha testers as well as send us info about bugs and/or any feature requests.

Betatester form
Betatester form

What’s next?

We want to start promoting our website as well as our product as soon as possible. Before that we need to make final touches to our website and record a few more movies. In few weeks our alpha testing should become open to a larger group so much more people should be able to test Polydust long before it’s released!