Progress update with first screenshot

I think this is a very important update to you all. Probably the most concrete piece of information about the product BEFORE it is released.

The development process breaks down as follows:

  • Prototype – DONE (object, vertex, edge, poly selection, moving, rotating, scaling, creating box, extrude, bevel, insert edge)
  • Website and forum – IN PROGRESS/DONE
  • UI Design – DONE
  • License Management – DONE
  • Symmetry prototype – DONE
  • Cloud integration – DONE
  • In-app browser POC – DONE
  • Undo/redo, save/load scene – DONE
  • UI Foundation – DONE
  • Slicing plane – DONE
  • Internal Alpha – DONE
  • Public Alpha – DONE
  • Beta – ETA – Q2 2018
  • Launch – ETA – Q3 2018

All the ETAs (Estimated Time Available) could possibly move forward/backward. There will be license discounts and giveaways here on the forum during the creation process.

I will keep updating this blogpost during the whole process. Probably we will be posting some in-depth info about the work as well as some sneak peaks during the whole process.

Today we decided that we will plan the UI Implementation process so that we are able to give you Polydust incremental versions as soon as possible.

I will be posting screenshots of UI decisions during the next few weeks. Here is the first screenshot showing the Vertex manipulations. You can also see other parts of the app. I will write a separate post describing each button so that you can follow on the road.