This is just the beginning.

When we were starting more than 2 years ago, we could only dream of being where we are today. Polished product, extensive library of tutorials, active and growing community, and many business partners being there to support us.

At the very beginning with nothing more than just an idea and an iPad in our hands, we strongly believed that Polydust had to work out… somehow.

Many weeks later, we were playing with the first prototypes, looking at boxes which were doing crazy stuff on the screen. Literally, our code kept playing jokes on us: the vertices were flying around, colors were discoing and the word “crash” continued to reappear for such a long time.

Then we started to make youtube tutorials while actively working on Polydust. Thankfully, you all helped us to polish it to the state it is today.

So here we are, prepared to continue this incredible and challenging journey and we hope you will stay with us. (Can we count on you? And better yet, can you count on us? We hope you can!

We are finally on the AppStore!

Go and download Polydust on the AppStore. Leave us a 5-star review to help us grow faster!

We are also on Product Hunt!

Come and share your feedback on our Product Hunt website. Participate, share the discussion, and support us however you can!



We also released an official Polydust Trailer. You can watch it HERE. Please share it with anyone you know, this helps us spread the message!

The roadmap

Based on the feedback you have been posting on our forum, our next big feature is going to be improving the app startup speed and optimizations. If you want to influence what will come next, head over to our forum HERE and vote for our next big feature.

Free stuff

We know you love free stuff. So guess what, the weapons pack that we posted a video on Youtube on how to create, is going to be available for free! Head over to our FREE 3D MODELS link and download it now.

One thank you is not enough

Here is a good place to thank all of the people that are important to us. First and foremost, our girlfriends: Marta and Justyna, our parents, siblings, families, and all our friends. Their support was remarkably valuable to us. Having a full-time job and then working on a side project truly takes all your time: your social and family life suffers, your physical and mental condition… well, that suffers too.

Our big thanks go to our business partners: Paolo, Michael, Alban, and Kyle. Last but not least: thank you all, our beta testers and community on our forum. Thank you for making this all possible!

If it wasn’t you, we would never be where we are today.

Thank you again,
Piotr and Wojciech
Creators of Polydust