Polydust Beta 10 is out!

The first, the fifth, the fiftieth… the mysterious numbers are growing. One after another the bugs start to fill up the empty walls of our office. It’s a never-ending story. Bugs show up and then they are being fixed by our ambitious and talented team. We dream of the future blockbuster animated movies or games being made with the help of our tool. Today, we are proud to present you another version of our 3D modeling software!

All bugs are fixed!

We take your feedback very seriously. Developing an app for a huge community of 3D modelers is a very responsible act. Polydust is, yet to become, a brush in artist’s hand. It cannot break when you are in the middle of such an intimately creative process! Before we release the app to the public, we want to make sure everything runs like in a Swiss watch. The app needs to be stable in 100% cases we can predict. You don’t want to spend 8 hours working on modeling for your next blockbuster and when the chief asks you to send the progress you tell him that the app crashed and you have no results, right? Interestingly, I had the exact same situation while modeling an image that you can see below. Even though I’d completely lost the scene, I found and fixed yet another bug :).

FBX format

We interviewed a few 3D modelers and the recurring question was: “how can I export my work to the other software or game engines”? When they heard .obj, they became very interested. When we were asked about the things .obj couldn’t support like: animations or rigging, we knew we were… busted! Lucky for us, recently there has been a format that supported all that. It is featured in every professional software and allows to save everything the 3D market demands: meshes, mapping, materials, textures, rigs, animations, lights, cameras etc.

Here, we put this format onto your hands. You are able to export any model using iOS Sharing options: Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Email, iMessage, Google Plus and maaaaaaaaaaaany more! Google Plus? No, we don’t support it, don’t worry ;). This is a good place to say goodbye to the old, good .obj. and for the first time on the iPad say – “Welcome FBX!”

Shading Fixes

The shading of the models you create has significantly improved. The environmental gradient you set per scene is now coherently shading the models you create. Let me give you an example: If your scene’s background is a bit reddish, the models will naturally get a slightly red tint onto them. So, if you ever dreamed of creating a devil’s hell scene, now it is going to be easier than ever ;)!

We want shortcuts!

We hear you, our lovely community! We release the first shortcuts to improve the speed of your workflow even further! To use them you have to connect to any external Bluetooth keyboard. It works with Magic Keyboard and/or Smart Keyboard as well!

Here’s a complete list of supported keystrokes:

1 – Vertex Editing
2 – Edge Editing
3 – Poly Editing
4 – Object Editing
W – Move Gizmo
E – Rotate Gizmo
R – Scale Gizmo
F – Center Camera to Selection
Cmd+D – Duplicate
Cmd+E – Extrude
Cmd+I – Insert Edge Loop
Cmd+Z – Undo
Cmd+Shift+Z / Cmd+Y – Redo
Backspace – Delete
Shift – Add to Selection
Alt – Substract from Selection
C – Crash the whole app 😉

The shortcuts are not enough. We included a special switch you can enable that will present them on the screen. It becomes handy when you happen to record any tutorial for other people. That way they will know what exactly did you press. Speaking of…

Patrick Haertel – a hidden superhero

We couldn’t resist to tell you about the community member who harnessed the power of Polydust to its extents. His works are the most popular topic on our Forum. When we told him Polydust didn’t support motion yet, he laughed at us and sent everyone a video showing an animation made entirely in Polydust! He needed to hack the system here and there but hey! He has made it!

We want to feature his Youtube channel: YouTube.com: Patrick Haertel. You can find there some useful hacks and techniques on how to model 3D Art. We want to truly thank you, Patrick! You are the best! Keep up the great work!

People like Patrick keep us in the flow of producing the best possible 3D modeling software for you! We hope you will get inspired by his work and present your own creations to others! Why won’t you run Polydust now and record a movie showing how to create something special for you? If you happen to do so, don’t hesitate to share it on our Forum! We don’t bite! Ehmmm… maybe sometimes ;).