Merry Poly Christmas!

While Santa put gifts into our socks, we were asked by him to prepare a gift for all of our users. The fresh winter Beta 16 with exciting annoucement and new features is ready!

It will be released as soon as Apple Store accepts beta submissions (Dec 27/28).

Swiftpoint Mouse Support

We made impossible possible. By supporting Swiftpoint GT Mouse, we added one of the most critical features to our workflow: the desktop-grade precision. In a 3D modelling app it is something none else yet have done for iPad.

Swiftpoint created a special deal for all of our beta testing users. The mouse is available at a discounted $69 instead of $149. To buy it at that price, download our app and tap on the bottom-right link. Alternately you can open the Swiftpoint menu by tapping on Polydust Icon in the browser and going into Swiftpoint Mouse sub-menu.

Update: You can buy Swiftpoint mouse via this link at the same discounted $69 price.

Open Beta

Officially, you can join our beta instantly. Just go to share info and get your Testflight link in a matter of seconds.

New Features

  • Depth of Field
  • Add to Container
  • Explode Container
  • 3 Preinstalled Artworks made entirely in Polydust
  • Light Flare
  • Vignette settings
  • Mesh Smooth (experimental)


  • Scene renaming
  • Duplicating of parent container with many sub-objects
  • Exporting objects with symmetry
  • Bloom properties

Pre-order and release

We will be starting Polydust pre-order on January with an expected release date on February. More info coming soon!