Introducing myself + progress update

Hi, everybody! My name is Wojtek and for couple of weeks I’m a proud member of Polydust team. Most of my career I’ve been working as a programmer, however I have some experience in other related areas, like UI/UX design, project managing etc. When Piotr asked me if I want to work on Polydust I didn’t have to think too much – I truly believe this tool will be useful to many artists and will give a lot of inspiration to many beginners in 3d world.

My first task in Polydust was to implement a feature to slice objects with an infinite plane. Seems easy, however truly speaking, I’m a beginner in 3d world. Of course, as a programmer I have a solid background in math, however I never created any 3d models myself. Until now my knowledge was very restricted – I was rather admiring other people’s work in games and movies. When it came to get familiar with vertices, edges, faces, polygons etc. I found it very challenging. Fortunately, my math background was really helpful here – I’m even going to visit my math teacher from high school and tell her students about it in the following days (no joke here). :)

The task is almost done, however there are still some improvements to do:
– optimisation of the code
– visualisation of the new vertices and edges in real-time

Keep your fingers crossed! We’re getting closer and closer to have a testable version.