Free Assets For Our Users

Today is a great day! We want to announce packs of free assets for our beloved users!

A 3D Modeling Course

The course takes you from a point of knowing nothing to being able to model simple 3D polygonal objects in Polydust. A new episode of this course is coming every Monday. Yesterday we released the episode #4: Creating a Low Poly Tree! Come and watch it now! Two more episodes are to come! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to have a gentle reminder!

Screenshot of Safari (3-21-17, 12-47-10 PM)

Free 3D Model Asset Pack

Today we release our first asset pack created entirely in Polydust. You are able to use it in your 3D, AR or VR games or visualizations. It’s highly customizable: you can change the model’s bark and leaves color as well as scale each tree freely. The root of each model is at the bottom which helps you arrange your scene and trees more easily! The pack has: 5 broadleaves, 5 firs, 2 palm trees and 3 trunks. Download it here!


Next free asset packs are coming in a few weeks. If you want to be informed about them, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage!

Come and join testing!

We started to have increasing numbers of beta testers! People start to spread the news with their friends so the Beta release is getting closer! If you want to become the Polydust alpha tester, first you have to fill out the beta form. Please pay careful attention to each question as we need to choose the initial group carefully. If we happen to choose you, we will send you an email invitation and give access to the alpha testing forum where you will be able to talk with other alpha testers as well as send us info about bugs and/or any feature requests.