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Build 4 (8th May 2017)
- ADDED: Polydust Cloud
- ADDED: Projects and Scenes Browser
- ADDED: Export to OBJ and STL
- ADDED: Reflection
- ADDED: Light Shadows
- ADDED: Gizmo modification
- ADDED: Export to PNG (with/without transparency)
- ADDED: Saving dialog
- FIX: bugs
- FIX: Multiple objects rotation and scaling
- FIX: Selection bug
- FIX: Undo for Insert Edge Loop
- FIX: Symmetry for Y and Z axis
- FIX: Gizmo size on iPhone

Build 3 (18th March 2017)
- ADDED: creating primitives is now interactive: you can adjust parameters and see changes right away
- ADDED: point and directional light visualization
- ADDED: double-tap to center camera on object
- ADDED: parameters to adjust the Ambient Occlusion
- FIX: bug with palettes not saving within scene
- FIX: Invert selection bug
- FIX: sphere had polygons not connected on creating
- FIX: scene load/save objects hidden bug

Build 2 (6th March 2017)
- FIX: bug add and hierarchy is grayed out when in sub-object
- FIX: gizmo doesn't update after undo/redo
- FIX: can't add or access hierarchy when selecting a new scene
- FIX: new scene has now Directional Light by default

Build 1 (3rd March 2017)
- initial build

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