Beta 18, The Last Jedi

Polydust release is close. Last days, last hours, we told ourselves one thing: stop developing, and start doing other important things with Polydust. When the deadline is approaching, and the to-do-list keeps on growing to hundreds of small tasks, adding new features is the last thing you should do. We had  a one simple rule: fix up all the necessities and don’t add anything new so close to the release. But we couldn’t resist. We had to break the rule and add one more thing, just few days before the release. Pretty risky, huh?


A few days ago a crazy idea popped into our heads : what if we contacted Sketchfab team and asked if we could integrate with them? Wait a second, what is Sketchfab anyway? It allows you to preview your creations in the web browser, or on a dedicated Sketchfab app where you can admire your creations in VR and AR. Yes, AR and VR are coming to Polydust! Thanks to Sketchfab, of course. So how did it all go? Sketchfab found this idea very logical. They were over the moon to join forces, and two days later Polydust started to cooperate with Sketchfab. With just one simple click, you can export your model to Sketchfab profile, see it on any web browser, preview it in AR and VR and t(warblers…) start selling your models on their store. That is something, isn’t it?

Polydust Pricing

As our release date is very soon, we also want to share with you how our subscription is going to work. Basically you will be able to use Polydust for free with a very limited set of features: our browser, gizmos, hierarchy, box and materials will come for free for everyone. Everything else: after you upgrade to Subscription. The price is going to be $9.99/month or 79$/year (6.58$/mo) with a 14-day free trial. We calculated this price and wanted to go as low as possible but to offer you constant updates and new features, we had to make this choice.

A New 3D Model Free Pack

On the release date, we are going to release a free RPG Weapons model pack made entirely with Polydust on iPad. As with our previous one (LINK) you will be able to use our models in all your games or as a base for any modeling. Later on, we also want to release a film where we will explain how we created each one of the models presented in the pack.

We are super excited and energized before our premiere: we have been working very hard to make sure you receive the best product possible and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Beta 18 changelog:


  • Export to Sketchfab (with login)
  • Ability to enable/disable background lighting
  • Background now is set by 3 colors: two existing + ambient occlusion color


  • Alpha channel on models
  • When merging model not showing you the actual color
  • Bug where symmetry mode didn’t persist the color