Beta 17 and Release Date Announcement

We’ve just released Beta 17 and a new Website. Hey! We finally have the release date, too! It’s scheduled for the 1st of May 2019! It took us almost 3 years to complete the first version of Polydust but we are sure this final one is going to be as robust as never before. In this beta we decided not to add any new features but spend time polishing the current ones, and making sure the app is ready to be released.


We are going to release the app with a 14-day free trial and a monthly/yearly subscription. This tough decision was made in order to be able to keep on updating the app with new fixes and features also after the release. The app is not going to be very expensive, but we prefer to have a constant growth than one-time big shots. The more people support our subscription, the faster new features and bugs will be resolved. 14-day free trial lets everyone test the app before deciding to continue paying for developing the app further. We hope you find it fair as much as we do.


Very soon we want to release the first Roadmap which is going to tell you what to expect in the next versions. You will all be invited to vote (by liking individual subposts), and this will influence how we prioritize the development after the release. The forum post will be updated here.

Heads up

If you happen to test Polydust and create any nice artworks, feel free to send them to us! We will post them on our new website with link to your portfolio.