Alpha preparations are completed!

Happy New 2017 Modeling Year!

It’s been quite a long time since we last wrote anything. It didn’t mean we didn’t work on the project, quite contrary! All the preparations for the alpha version are now successfully completed! We started to implement the alpha UI and we’re preparing a first internal Alpha version. Our focus is in bringing to life the core feature of our program: a good modeling feeling. We believe the first public test should come on February and it will probably only feature the editor. There might not be a browser, nor the cloud yet. Very quickly next features should be added though!

The good message is: our tool now works on iPads and iPhones.

In the end, I will present you with the next screenshot showing an opened operations bar. It’s located on the bottom-right corner for easy finger access. You see that you can simply switch between vertex, edge, poly or object and by switching the bottom tab you switch the available operations for each sub-object. As you can also possibly see, we updated the undo/redo button. Please expect us to make many changes to the screens we showed you already. We iterate on the designs when we have the abilities to test them in the real app.