Model anywhere

We believe artists work best if they are not chained to their computers.
This small difference changes the whole inspirational experience.
Stand up, go somewhere and create art like never before!

on a train
at a coffee bar
on a couch or bed

Made for indie developers_

We invite you to help us creating our software. Your feedback is something we analyze with the highest attention to detail.

Sync everything

When you are in a constant journey and you have to make changes
to your model in the last possible moment, use Polydust Cloud to access it anywhere. We built cloud sync
to keep all your works safe and available across all your devices.

Learn the Craft

Starting is easy! You don’t need to buy expensive courses and tutorials from other websites. We created everything for you here. And our community is here to help you too!



We want to express ourselves in new ways, in new places and with new ideas.
We believe that this dream can become a reality very soon.


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